Thankful for our lakes and YOU!

2019 Thankful For

Things we’re thankful for at Clean Lakes Alliance

At Clean Lakes Alliance, we’re thankful to be part of a community that is surrounded by five beautiful lakes. Our Yahara lakes provide ecological diversity, recreational opportunities, economic benefits, and endless beauty to the Greater Madison area, its residents, and guests.

As we have seen, our lakes face water quality challenges and pollution — but we are thankful to have an alliance of individuals and groups working to protect them. Here are a few more things we’re thankful for…

Sustainable farming practices

Agricultural areas represent the majoring of the Yahara Watershed and the largest potential for phosphorus reduction. Our friends at Yahara Pride Farms work with farmers across the watershed to improve soil and water quality with innovative projects like low-disturbance manure injection.

LDMI - Used in Oregon, WI. We are thankful to partner who continue to innovate in our watershed.
Low-disturbance manure injection equipment available for rent through Yahara Pride Farms

Neighbors taking action at home

Every year, more and more homeowners are raking leaves out of the street to protect our lakes. Leaves in the street represent one of the largest sources of urban phosphorus pollution to our lakes and raking them is one of the BEST ways you can help water quality from home. 

2019 FIJI Volunteer Day - we are thankful for our many volunteers who are working to make a difference throughout the year
2019 Renew the Blue Volunteer Day with Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity – raking leaves from our streets and storm drains in an effort to keep phosphorus from entering our lakes

$100,000 challenge grant for restoration

Alliant Energy committed a $100,000 challenge grant this year to support our Protect, Restore, Preserve Fund and help restoration efforts of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy expansion. You can join the challenge and help us reach our $200,000 goal by donating to the fund.

View of Pheasant Branch Conservancy

538 Renew the Blue volunteers

Our Volunteer Day season wrapped up with 1,488 hours of volunteer service. Volunteers dedicated time and energy to lakeshore improvements, removing invasive species, and native seed collection. These actions not only support our hosting sites, but also help increase infiltration and reduce runoff into our lakes.

2019 Lands' End Volunteer Day - we are thankful for our many Lake Partners who are working tirelessly for our lakes
Lands’ End Renew the Blue Volunteer Day – volunteers work to remove invasive species and spread native seeds at Pheasant Branch Conservancy

People and businesses like you

We are an alliance of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations who are INVESTED in water quality and lake health. We put your dollars directly to work through lake improvement projects, education, and water quality monitoring. This work would not be possible without you. Thank you!

2019 Loop the Lake
2019 Loop the Lake bike ride

If you would like to continue to support our lakes during this season of giving, please consider donating below.

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