What can I do?

Cleaning up our lakes is a community effort

At Clean Lakes Alliance, we see a future where everyone realizes that the lakes are the center of our community.

We need your help!

You can help at home by keeping your leaves off the street, conserving water, and preserving shoreline habitat. We also encourage you to sign up for a volunteer day, attend an event, or make a donation.

By making a donation starting at just $35 a year, you can support important work to reduce phosphorus going into our lakes by 50%.

Learn more about ways to help:

Visit the Get Involved page to learn about all the ways you can help support our lakes! There are lots of ways you can help, whether it be attending events, becoming a sponsor, or serving on a committee or board.

Whether you have an hour or 10 to give, we are happy to place volunteers on projects large and small! Opportunities include skilled office and administration assistance, special events, and watershed projects like shoreline restoration or beach clean ups. Click here to learn more.

Proper leaf and lawn care is a great way for homeowners to get involved in lake health. Visit the Leaf and Lawn care page to learn about a few ways you can take action to make a positive and meaningful impact on the health of our waters.

Shorelines provide crucial habitat, food, and protection for fish, and also impacts overall lake water quality. Visit the Shoreline Health page to find out how you can help protect this valuable resource.

Reducing water use on our lawns and in our sewer system helps reduce the overall amount of water being run through out watershed. Click here to learn about a few ways to make sure you’re using water to its full potential!

Some more ways you can help our lakes include picking up after your pet, using less salt on pavement, and preventing soil erosion. Click here to learn more.

or search our website for something else: