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Clean Lakes Alliance committees provide expertise on target areas, including implementation, policy, and fundraising.

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To learn more about how to get more involved with Clean Lakes Alliance or our committees, please read our guide to getting involved.

Committee members often have previous experience and involvement with Clean Lakes Alliance, including volunteering or attending events. We’d love to get to know you more and learn from your expertise!

Lake Kegonsa State Park
Lake Kegonsa State Park at dusk

Standing committees

Governance Committee:

The Governance Committee vets and recommends candidates for the Executive and Community Boards, provides guidance on committee structure, and advises on Clean Lakes Community Awards.

Economic Impact and Policy Committee (EIPC):

The Economic Impact and Policy Committee assesses the intrinsic/extrinsic value of our lakes to the community, and provides guidance on policy issues with the potential to impact water quality.

Advancement Committee:

The Advancement Committee works to assure that Clean Lakes Alliance has effective development, donor relations, and marketing and communication programs in place.

Committee on Strategic Implementation (CSI):

The Committee on Strategic Implementation serves as a forum of partners and advisors to collaborate on advancing the Yahara CLEAN Strategic Action Plan for Phosphorus Reduction (2012). CSI also helps vet new opportunities, technologies, and approaches that get brought forward.

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee oversees Clean Lakes Alliance’s fiscal practices and the reporting of the organization’s financial condition. It assists staff in creating an annual operating budget, and, through ongoing oversight, helps ensure that a balanced budget is achieved.

Goodland Beach - Lake Waubesa
Goodland Beach on Lake Waubesa

Ad-Hoc committees

Loop the Lake Committee: 

The Loop the Lake Committee works to fundraise, plan, and execute this unique bike ride along the Lake Monona Lake Loop. Started in 2013, Loop the Lake has grown to an event with more than 1,000 riders.

Fore! Lakes Committee:

This committee oversees the development and execution of the Clean Lakes Alliance Fore! Lakes Golf Outing.

Frozen Assets Committee:

This committee oversees the development and execution of the Clean Lakes Alliance Frozen Assets Fundraiser and Festival.

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