Our Programs

Clean Lakes Alliance strives to build a community of people working to improve and protect water quality in the Yahara River Watershed. Learn more about our programs!

Yahara Watershed Academy

This course provides students with the knowledge, tools, leadership skills, and connections needed to meet today’s land and water conservation challenges.

Yahara Watershed Academy - Feb 2019
Yahara Watershed Academy

Water quality monitoring

Our team of trained volunteers gather data on water clarity and temperature, observe beach conditions, and identify potentially harmful blue-green algal blooms. Learn about our citizen water quality monitoring program.

Water Quality Monitoring
Water quality monitor uses a turbidity tube to test for lake water clarity

Lake Explorer Camp

Every summer, Clean Lakes Alliance partners with Madison Boats and the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County to give local kids a “crash course” in lake education and recreation. Learn more about the Lake Explorer Camp.

Lake Explorer Camp 2017 Group
Lake Explorer Camp, 2017

Renew the Blue Volunteer Days

Clean Lakes Alliance partners with local businesses and host site partners to conduct meaningful and rewarding volunteer days at lakeside parks and natural areas. Learn more about our volunteer days.

CG Schmidt Volunteer Day
CG Schmidt Volunteer Day

Back to the Beach

Clean Lakes Alliance is working to reignite community passion for our beaches and reimagine them as showcases for sustainability, function, and natural beauty. 

back to the beach sandcastle building

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