On-the-ground action

Since its 2010 founding, Clean Lakes Alliance has been a catalyst to advance new ideas and approaches for phosphorus reduction, successfully getting practices on the ground faster than ever before.

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Accomplishment Timeline

Clean Lakes Alliance’s Role

James Madison Park

James Madison Park Master Plan (2018)

City of Madison public process for the redesign of this central downtown park on Lake Mendota

Successfully advocated for lake-protection components in the master plan, including an engineered emergent wetland, rain gardens, and bioswales for stormwater control

Carp Barrier

Carp harvests & spawning barriers (2018)

Carp control projects that help prevent the re-suspension of phosphorus-laden lakebed sediment (Read more)

Funded the removal of carp from Lake Kegonsa; introduced the method of in-stream bubble curtains to restrict access to spawning areas on Pheasant Branch Creek and funded a project feasibility study

Leaf Management

Leaf-management credits (2017-Present)

Stormwater permit incentive for municipalities to begin or enhance leaf-collection efforts (Read more)

Funded and advised on research quantifying the water quality impacts of fall leaf debris in the street, leading to Wisconsin DNR approval of phosphorus crediting for leaf collection for municipalities

Manure Injection

Low-disturbance manure injection (2017-Present)

Specialized equipment used to inject liquid manure 3-6″ below the soil surface to reduce the risk of runoff (Read more)

Co-funded the purchase of a vertical manure injector that is rented out to area farmers, helping keep manure in the soil and out of our lakes

Manure Composting

Manure composting (2016-Present)

Treatment process that converts raw manure into a product that is easier to handle and safer to apply

Provided funding to start and expand a pilot to explore the water quality impacts of manure composting; showcased how it improves the timing of field applications to limit runoff

Harvestable Buffers

Harvestable buffers (2016-Present)

Minimum 30′ strips of perennial grass between farm fields and streams to capture sediment and phosphorus (Read more)

Funded the County’s purchase and deed recording of 15-year easements on 3.4 stream miles of vegetated stream buffers, and raised funds to acquire additional miles for 2019

Rake for our Lakes garbage truck wrap

Rake-for-the-Lake Pilots (2015-Present)

Community initiatives to get residents to rake leaves out of the street gutter (Read more)

Implemented behavior-change campaigns to motivate resident participation in keeping streets leaf-free within the Village of DeForest and City of Madison (Read more)

Land acquisition map

Land acquisition (2013)

Conservation land set aside in the headwaters of the Yahara River Watershed

Aided Dane County in negotiating the purchase of conservation land adjacent to Dorn Creek north of Lake Mendota, which currently serves as a “Suck the Muck” staging area

Aerial Seeding

Aerial seeding of cover crops (2013)

Seeding fields from planes after the fall harvest to establish temporary groundcovers that reduce soil erosion

Used innovative aerial seeding techniques to plant cover crops on 2,375 acres of farmland in partnership with Yahara Pride Farms, the first time this had been attempted in the watershed (and since expanded to additional acres)

Yahara CLEAN

Yahara CLEAN roadmap (2012-Present)

Lake cleanup plan outlining 14 actions to reduce phosphorus loading by 50%, the amount needed to double the number of days our lakes are clear

Assembled a coalition of engineers, scientists, and government partners to develop and coordinate the implementation of the Yahara CLEAN Strategic Action Plan for Phosphorus Reduction

Clean Lakes Alliance community board

Alum Treatments

Compound added to stormwater ponds to settle out sediment and phosphorus before it reaches the lakes

Convened out-of-state experts to catalyze action for alternative phosphorus-reduction strategies, such as alum, which were later adopted by City of Madison and other communities

Yahara Pride Farms

Yahara Pride Farms (2011-Present)

Farmer-led nonprofit working to promote the adoption of conservation practices within the watershed

Founded and incubated this farmer-led organization, investing more than $500,000 to-date to help expand the group’s reach and impact

Stormwater pond

Stormwater ponds (2010, 2013)

Treatment ponds designed to capture sediment and phosphorus in runoff before these pollutants enter the lakes

Funded the design and installation of treatment ponds in Middleton (Lakeview Park on Lake Mendota) and Stoughton (farm property on Lake Kegonsa)

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