Become a Lake Buddy

Care about education? Expand lake literacy and access as a Lake Buddy.

A Lake Buddy is someone who sponsors a kid or kids participating in our annual lake education programs. We are currently soliciting support for our annual Lake Explorer Camp. There are three options for giving:

$50 (one kid)
$100 (two kids)
$250 (five kids)

What is the Lake Explorer Camp?
The Lake Explorer Camp is a summer lake education program that   brings in students from the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County. Boys & Girl Club members learn about lake ecosystems, water and boat safety, and recreational life skills under the guidance of trained educational staff and community volunteers. Activities include fish identification, paddling instruction, and other water-based activities.

The field day is an all-day event at Wingra Park that brings the whole camp group together to celebrate the season and what they have learned.

Clean Lakes Alliance has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County, Wingra Boats, and the Rotary Club of Madison to make the program possible. 

How does my donation help?
Just $50 helps to sponsor the participation of one student in a lake education program. Contributions will help fund the equipment, staff time, transportation and food for each sponsored child.
To support the Clean Lakes Alliances’s lake education programs, donate to become a lake buddy. Through our lake education programs, we seek to take advantage of the strengths of our partners and make connections to help foster the next generation of lake advocates.
Read about last year’s Lake Explorer Camp here.

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