2015 Urban Actions Taken by the City of Madison

Streambank and Stormwater Projects

Nakoma Channel Before. Photo by Phil Gaebler.

Nakoma Channel Before. Photo by Phil Gaebler.

The City of Madison completed two major channel restorations in 2015, including 2,000 feet of Wingra Creek and 500 feet in the Nakoma Channel, north of Lake Wingra. The city also completed stormwater pollution prevention plans for eight public work sites, and implemented control structures at two of these sites. These include a stormwater catch basin and screen structures and separators, which trap debris and sediment from high-volume runoff.

Nakoma Channel After. Photo by Phil Gaebler

Nakoma Channel After. Photo by Phil Gaebler

Madison also continues to partner on a leaf-raking pilot in the Wingra watershed.

Expanded Erosion Control Enforcement Program

In 2015, the City of Madison permitted 424 acres of construction sites, 92 of which fell under the new Enhanced Erosion Control Enforcement Program. The program involves increased reporting from contractors and an additional full-time City staff member to aid in compliance inspections. According to city engineer Phil Gaebler, the program has helped “build a relationship between the city and contractors, so that they understand the importance of erosion control measures,” positively impacting all sites, not just those covered in the new program.

Glenway Alum Injection

2015 was the first full year of operation for the Glenway alum injection project, located northwest of Lake Wingra. Alum settles phosphorus out of the water, helping to improve water quality. The City of Madison continues to monitor and improve the system to optimize performance.

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