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Lands' End

Healthy lakes make the community and the economy stronger, and help local businesses recruit and retain employees. Clean Lakes Alliance is honored to partner with businesses that recognize the value of clean water, and that pitch in to keep our lakes healthy.

Today, we’re highlighting how Lands’ End has given back to our lakes over the years.

Supporting our lakes since 2011

Lands’ End, headquartered in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, has been one of Clean Lakes Alliance’s sustaining founders since day one, joining Spectrum Brands, HyCite Corporation, and the Madison Community Foundation. Lands’ End has supported Clean Lakes Alliance mission through financial donations, volunteer work, and even donations of custom clothing.

When Lands’ End volunteers, they mean business. Over a period of six years, more than 1,000 employees left their desks for lakeshore work days with Clean Lakes Alliance and the Dane County Office of Lakes and Watershed’s Take a Stake in Our Lakes program. That’s quite the human commitment!

One of their biggest accomplishments was the completion of a four-year restoration project at Lake Farm County Park on the north shore of Lake Waubesa. Lands’ End employees cleared out truckloads of invasive species including buckthorn, garlic mustard, and honeysuckle that were crowding out native plants and degrading the shoreline.

Every year, the volunteers were able to look at the areas they had cleared the year before and see how their work was making a difference. No other company consistently shows up to the degree that Lands’ End has, bringing 150 to 180 employees each year to help take charge against invasive species.

Because of Lands’ End’s work, the county was able to expand a bike path that now runs through the park, creating the Lower Yahara Bike Trail. Healthy lakeshores not only keep soil in place and prevent erosion, but encourage humans to get out and enjoy the view as well!

Making a corporate commitment

Lands’ End has also supported Clean Lakes Alliance’s work to reduce phosphorus runoff through corporate donations and sponsorships. A portion of their donations come in the form of Lands’ End apparel, as they provide clothing for staff, as well as for events like the Frozen Assets Festival, Fore! Lakes Golf Outing, and the Save Our Lakes Breakfast.

From volunteer to full-time

The partnership between Clean Lakes Alliance and Lands’ End runs deep. In fact, one current staff member at Clean Lakes Alliance, Director of Marketing & Development Adam Sodersten, is a former Lands’ End employee, where he was first introduced to Clean Lakes Alliance as a volunteer and Friends of Clean Lakes board member. As an employee, Adam is able to take his passion for our lakes full time, and use the expertise he gained in the public relations department at Lands’ End.

Thanks again Lands’ End!

We truly couldn’t fuel this community effort without our business partners. If your corporation is interested in getting involved or scheduling a Renew the Blue Volunteer Day, please contact Clean Lakes Alliance.

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