Guest post: Let’s talk about the future of our waters and communities

Aerial Isthmus, Photo by UW-Madison Water Sustainability and Climate Project

The future of water and people depends on the choices we make today – and the ideas we share with each other.

Engage your community or organization in a conversation about what you want for the future of water and people with the Yahara 2070 discussion guides.

The Yahara 2070 discussion guides are free, self-guided conversation tools designed to help your group imagine possible futures for water and people. Similar to a book group, fictional-but-plausible stories about the future, called scenarios, will catalyze your discussions.

And the guides encourage more than talk. They can be springboards for efforts to work toward a desirable future.

While the scenarios are about Wisconsin’s Yahara Watershed, the issues they address are relevant to many places in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. So the scenarios and discussion guides are applicable to groups from outside the watershed, too.

Learn more about the guides and how you can start a discussion group.

– Jenny Siefert,  Science Writer & Outreach Coordinator, Water Sustainability and Climate Project, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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