2015 Dane County Rural Actions

Dane County Rural Initiatives

The Dane County Land Conservation Division helps landowners plan, design, and implement conservation practices, with the goal of protecting water quality and conserving soil in Dane County. 

Conservation Practices and Nutrient Management

Ag Innovation Days.

Ag Innovation Days.

In 2015, Dane county helped 1,122 landowners and assisted in implementing practices on land in the county, including:

  • 48 miles of harvestable buffers, grassed waterways and filter strips
  • 250 acres of contour farming
  • 127,190 acres of Nutrient Management Plans, which aid producers in applying nutrients based on crop needs.

Dane County also issued nine permits for manure storage structures.

Wetland Restoration

Cherokee Marsh. Photo by Friends of Cherokee Marsh.

Cherokee Marsh. Photo by Friends of Cherokee Marsh.

In 2015, Dane County assisted in the restoration of 181 acres of wetlands and 58 acres of wildlife habitat. This often involves breaking existing agricultural drainage tiles, plugging ditches and creating shallow water areas, and maintenance by the combination of burning and mowing.

In addition, Dane County purchased 81 acres of farmland in the Cherokee Marsh Natural Resource Area, which will permanently protect 20 acres of wetland at the north end of the chain of lakes and improve access to the Yahara River.

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