Waubesa Wetlands

Wetlands provide many services to our communities: they protect us from flooding, clean and filter water, recharge our groundwater, protect our shorelines and provide habitat for fish and wildlife. They also provide opportunities for education and outdoor recreation, an important driver for tourism in Wisconsin.

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Amy Barrilleaux, Madison Water Utility

There are many reasons to conserve water. Our aquifer. Our carbon footprint. Our infrastructure. Our lakes. Join us at Yahara Lakes 101 to learn more about the importance of water conservation with Amy Barrilleaux, Public Information Officer at Madison Water Utility. 

In 2008, Madison Water Utility set the ambitious goal to drop daily per person water use in the city by 20 percent — from 73 gallons to 58 gallons — by the year 2020. It appears we are well on our way: Madisonians currently use 64 gallons of water per person per day and total water consumption has hit a decades-long low, despite a growing population. But, there’s more work to be done. Join us to learn more from Amy Barrilleaux about what Madison Water Utility is doing and how you can help.