James Tye

Executive Director

“I love it that our communities are built around the lakes, not just physically, but culturally as well.”

Adam Sodersten

Marketing & Communications Director

“All four lakes make our city special and I’m constantly reminded of their beauty by friends and out-of-town guests.”

Paul Dearlove

Deputy Director

“I feel lucky to be around so much water and all the opportunity that comes with it."

Becky Mitchell

Annual Giving & Administration Senior Manager

"I have a great appreciation for our water resources and the life it brings – every drop counts!"

Issis Macias

Watershed Engagement Senior Manager

"Water, water everywhere! We moved to Madison to enjoy its beautiful lakes."

Dea Larsen Converse

Community & Watershed Resources Manager

Dea Larsen Converse serves as the Community & Watershed Resources Manager for Clean Lakes Alliance. “I believe in our mission of bringing people together for the lakes. If we can come

Karin Swanson

Marketing & Communications Associate Manager

"I fell in love with Madison's lakes as a varsity rower with the University of Wisconsin, and that feeling never went away."

Miah Gatzke

Event & Marketing Coordinator

"Our lakes provide opportunities for meaningful community engagement, service, and connection."

Luke Huston

Graphic Designer

"In all of my travels, our lakes have made me feel most at home."

Joanna Burish

Development Executive (Consultant)

“The lakes are the crown jewel that makes Madison as charming as it is.”