• James Tye

    Executive Director

    “I love it that our communities are built around the lakes, not just physically, but culturally as well.”

  • Adam Sodersten

    Marketing & Communications Director

    “All four lakes make our city special and I’m constantly reminded of their beauty by friends and out-of-town guests.”

  • Paul Dearlove

    Deputy Director

    “I feel lucky to be around so much water and all the opportunity that comes with it."

  • Becky Mitchell

    Annual Giving & Administration Senior Manager

    "I have a great appreciation for our water resources and the life it brings – every drop counts!"

  • Issis Macias

    Watershed Engagement Senior Manager

    "Water, water everywhere! We moved to Madison to enjoy its beautiful lakes."

  • Dea Larsen Converse

    Community & Watershed Resources Manager

    Dea Larsen Converse serves as the Community & Watershed Resources Manager for Clean Lakes Alliance. “I believe in our mission of bringing people together for the lakes. If we can come together as a community,...

  • Karin Swanson

    Marketing & Communications Associate Manager

    "I fell in love with Madison's lakes as a varsity rower with the University of Wisconsin, and that feeling never went away."

  • Miah Gatzke

    Event & Marketing Coordinator

    "Our lakes provide opportunities for meaningful community engagement, service, and connection."

  • Luke Huston

    Luke Huston

    Graphic Designer

    "In all of my travels, our lakes have made me feel most at home."

  • Joanna Burish

    Joanna Burish

    Development Executive (Consultant)

    “The lakes are the crown jewel that makes Madison as charming as it is.”