Clean Lakes Alliance advocacy goals

The mission of Clean Lakes Alliance is to build a community of people, businesses, organizations, and government agencies to improve and protect water quality in the Yahara Watershed. Our advocacy goals for the organization are defined in our strategic action plan, Plan 2020: A Clear Path Forward.

We advocate for our priorities through social and print media, to community and government groups, and through one-on-one meetings with community policy makers. By raising public awareness of the organization and its work we ensure that we have the resources we need to reach our water quality goals.

2018-2019 advocacy

We advocated for policies that improve lake water quality including:

Plan 2020 focus areas and advocacy goals

Phosphorus Reduction

Yahara CLEAN

Yahara CLEAN Compact

  1. Yahara CLEAN Compact is updated, adopted, fully funded, and implemented within a set timeframe
  2. We have policies that promote a resilient landscape and a sustainable watershed phosphorus balance
  3. The community is fully informed about progress towards our water quality goals
Manure Injection

Innovative solutions

  1. Community leaders and citizens push for green infrastructure
  2. Watershed communities adopt and consistently implement progressive stormwater programs and policies
  3. Farm producers use conservation practices to prevent soil erosion and phosphorus runoff
Ag retailer network

Farmland management

  1. Protect farmland in our watershed through tools like the Wisconsin Farmland Preservation Program, land use planning, and conservation easements
  2. Every farm in the watershed has a nutrient management plan that meets state standards
  3. All farms use best practices to minimize soil erosion and runoff

Urban Management

  1. Community leaders and citizens keep streets free of leaves
  2. Watershed communities adopt and consistently implement progressive stormwater programs and policies
  3. Permitted stormwater facilities operate at peak efficiency

Community Engagement

Lake Explorer Camp 2018


  1. The public is aware of lake challenges and empowered with ways to take action
  2. Area youth are exposed to place-based lake educational opportunities and activities
Volunteer Day


  1. Resources are available to mobilize, train, and coordinate volunteers to serve local land and water needs
  2. Our watershed partners work with us to provide more projects and meaningful volunteer roles
Water Quality Monitoring


  1. Our beaches are regularly tested to safeguard public health
  2. The public is aware of local conditions and risks as they evolve
  3. Our public beaches and lakeside parks are safe, clean, sustainable, and accessible to diverse users
Harvestable Buffers with Yahara Pride Farms

Capacity building

  1. A groundswell of citizen advocates, donors, and volunteers are taking action for our lakes
  2. Resources are available to meet our water quality goals

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