UW CEE Capstone Partnership

In May, Clean Lakes Alliance renewed a partnership with UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department to support and sponsor the student capstone course focused on improving our beaches.

In this course, Senior Capstone Design, sponsoring partners who require creative solutions to specific problems team up with senior engineering students. Students create innovative designs to solve real problems by using knowledge and skills from classwork and work experiences, along with the guidance of volunteer professional mentors.

Clean Lakes Alliance is proud to be a sponsoring partner of the student capstone projects. Serving as a “client” to the students provides us a captive audience and valuable resource as we continue our work in inspiring the community to advocate for healthy lakes and beaches. In the meantime, students gain experience in designing solutions to not only environmental challenges but also an actual client’s needs. With 48 percent of the shoreline owned by the public and over 20 beaches in the Greater Madison area, we have numerous project opportunities for the students.

This partnership provides us the opportunity to work with a new team of students each semester. Students develop innovative design concepts to address environmental challenges at different lakeshore parks and beaches. We ask them to incorporate features in their designs that lead to four primary objectives—improved water quality, increased sustainability, greater access and equity, and better placemaking.

So far, students have presented re-design ideas on Law Park, Warner Beach and James Madison Park. We’re excited about all the creative designs, and look forward to more!

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