Surf ‘n Turf Rules

Waubesa Surf ‘n Turf Challenge Rules

Join us for the Waubesa Surf ‘n Turf Challenge on Thursday, July 9th now to benefit Clean Lakes Alliance! Visit the event page to learn more and register.

Golf Format

3-man Texas scramble. All players hit all shots. Must use 3 tee shots from each player. Blue tees, except white tees for golfers age 65 and older, and red tees for female players. Ball can be moved 1 club length; can’t move from rough to fairway, fairway to green, etc. Maximum score on any hole is a double bogey. If you miss your bogey attempt, pick up and go to the next hole to keep play moving. Two putt maximum at all holes. 

Bergamont dress code requires collared shirts and appropriate length shorts. Please fill all divots with sand. 

Fishing Format

A team’s fishing score will be based on total inches of legal size gamefish. Size limits are muskie (45″), pike (26″), bass (14″), or walleye (15″). Fish should be measured to the nearest 1/2 inch. Text species and lenght immediately to the Fishing Scorekeeper. Fishing limited to Waubesa, Upper Mud, and Monona. Top 10 fishing teams earn strokes off their golf score. Top team earns 10 strokes, 2nd earns 9 strokes, 3rd earns 8 strokes, etc.

Final Score

Team’s fishing score will be deducted from golf score. Prizes awarded to the low gross and low net teams, with the low gross winner identified first. Ties go to lower golf score. Secondary tiebreakers is scorecard playoff starting on hole 18.

Optional Big Fish Contest

Cost is $10 per person. To qualify, a fish must be a legal-size gamefish: muskie (45″), pike (26″), bass (14″), or walleye (15″). Photo of fish with ruler provided on the day of the event is required. Cash pot awarded for EACH of the largest legal bass, walleye, pike, and muskie.