Caitlin McAleavey

Caitlin McAleavey Headshot

“The Yahara lakes are as quintessential to the Madison experience as the Capitol Square Farmers Market or Camp Randall. These resilient and dynamic bodies of water are a prized piece of our landscape and deserve our attention and respect.”

Caitlin McAleavey

Watershed Engagement Manager

Caitlin joined the Clean Lakes Alliance staff in June 2022 as the Watershed Engagement Specialist. Her work focuses on volunteer engagement through water quality monitoring, Volunteer Days, and building awareness on the spread of aquatic invasive species through the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program.  

Prior to coming to the Clean Lakes Alliance, she worked for the Jefferson County Solid Waste Department coordinating their hazardous waste and recycling programming and outreach. She has also worked at Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources within the municipal wastewater and CAFO programs, and at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center teaching environmental education. 

Caitlin grew up in River Falls, Wisconsin and holds a degree in Zoology and Environmental Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a strong believer that education and outreach are crucial tools in creating positive change in our local communities and ecosystems. Coming from a family of teachers made her a lifelong advocate for environmental education, and you can still find Caitlin teaching programs at Aldo Leopold Nature Center in her free time. When she’s not working with Clean Lakes Alliance or teaching at ALNC, she enjoys kayaking, skiing, getting others excited and intrigued about the natural world, and being outside, preferably near a body of water. 

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