63Club (monthly giving)

Join the 63Club!

Join the fight for healthy lakes by becoming a 63Club monthly donor

The 63Club recognizes individuals that sustain Clean Lakes Alliance through a recurring monthly donation. As a 63Club member, your donation directly benefits work to clean up our lakes.

As a thanks for your support, you will receive:

  • Ticket pre-sale and hosted lounge access at Frozen Assets (for $19.63 monthly donor level and above)
  • Printed recognition in the monthly Lake-O-Gram
  • Plus, all Friend of Clean Lakes benefits, including free admission to Clean Lakes 101

You’ll also receive invitations to events, updates on work to improve water quality, and the assurance that Clean Lakes Alliance is working on your behalf on a daily basis with city, county, and state officials to put the Yahara lakes at the top of to-do lists. In addition to 63Club benefits, donors who make a gift at the $1,000 or more level ($83.63 a month) are recognized each year through Clean Lakes Alliance’s Yahara Society.

Why is it called the 63Club?

1963 was the year that the Mad-City Ski Team was founded, which founded the Clean Lakes Festival in turn years later. It is due to the Mad-City Ski Team’s initiative and love for the lakes that Clean Lakes Alliance exists. Lands’ End — a company whose heritage is rooted in water — was also founded in 1963 and now serves as a Sustaining Founder to Clean Lakes Alliance. Donors who make a gift at the $1,000 or more level are recognized each year through Clean Lakes Alliance’s Yahara Society. Clean Lakes Alliance is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible!

Thank you for joining the 63Club! 

*** Upon approval, you will be automatically billed for the amount indicated and your total charges will appear on your monthly credit card statement. Automatic payments will be made on the 8th of each month. For your convenience you will not be required to renew your commitment each year. You may cancel this automatic billing authorization at any time by contacting us.


Thank you to our 63Club members

Current 63Club members (through August 31st, 2023) 63Club members who donate at the $1,000 level or more are also recognized as part of the “Yahara Society” (denoted with asterisks below).

A+ Heler's Dry Ice & C02 LLC
Jaron Acker
Jennifer Alderman
Jeff Drengler & Karla Angel*
Chuck & Peggy Angevine
Todd & Dana Asmuth
Susan Babcock & Tom Kelly
Doug Bach & Muriel Nagle
Prakash Balasubramanian
Chris Banaszak
Paul & Erin Barbato
Doug Barnes & Jan McGee
barre3 Madison*
Chuck Beckwith & Chuck Bauer*
Miguel Benson
Alan & Leslie Bergstrom
Jason & Vesa Bollig
Robert Bour
Jeff & Freya Bowen
Cary & Jill Bremigan
Cory & Jessica Buye
Conrad Campbell
Elizabeth Carley
Jeff Carroll
Jennie & Adam Casavant*
Jake & Kristi Cherney
Lewis & Judith Clark*
Thomas Clark
Jessica Collins
Jason & Stephanie Coons
Eric Cooper
Corner Stone Construction of Janesville Inc.
Jessica Crombie
Betty Harris Custer & James Custer*
Kate & George Dale
Harry DeBaufer, III
Trisha Doyle & Dennis Durow
Andrea Dutton
Amanda Elliott
Jeff & Jess Elliott
Nathan & Constance Fagre
John Fedell & Laurie Osterndorf
Beverly Fergus
Jayne & Bruce Fischer
Shannon Fix & Tim Stenzel
Peter & Karen Foy
April Gardner Taylor
Janice Gehrke
Kyle George
Peggy & Bill Gerard
Aris & Marta Gialamas*
LeeAnn & Rob Glover
Marilee & Kevin Gorman*
Linda & Tony Granato*
Brandon & Ashley Gries
Mark & Molly Griffin
Shane & Nichelle Griffith
Rachel Groman & Daniel Resnick
Linda & Bob Growney
Lisa Grueneberg
Jessica Haefner
Jill Hall
Jennifer Hartwig
Sue Haug
Natalie & Ed Hellmer*
Jeffrey Helmuth
Mary Louise Hertel
Ryan Hertel & Julie Bahr
Tim Hewett
Eric & Sharon Hovde
Bri Hoy-Skubik & Drew Rodysill
Kevin Hubbard & David Casey
Benjamin Huber
Andrew & Jane Ippolito
Mourad Ismail
Kyra Jacobson
Jason James
Daniel Jauch & Jane Allen-Jauch
Colleen & Mark Johnson
Corliss Karasov
Glenn & Marta Karlov
David & Elizabeth Katzelnick
Kris & Colleen Keller
Ryan Kelley
Lauren Kelso
Hollie Kemmer
Gregory & Virginia Kester
Dave Kettner*
Bruce & LaVonne Kilcoyne*
Tom & Lois Klingele
Mark & Cynthia Knipfer
Kristin & Ryan Kupres
Andy & Nicole Kurth
Michael & Debra Kutchin
Robert Latousek & Brian McCormick
Alison Lebwohl & Tobin Morrison
Matt & Rachel Lee
Michael & Sarah Lee
Tyler Leeper
Stephanie & Brendan LeRoy
Troy Lethem & Mary Matthias
Ellen Light
Courtney & Tim Lindl
Drew Lottig & Jan Howick
Lisa Luedtke
Stephanie Mader & Daniel Holvick
John & Norma Magnuson
Anita & Safraaz Mahamed
Erica Majumder
Josh & Katie Marron
Chas Martin & Tim Rikkers*
Ronald Kubalanza & Carey McCarthy
Al & Karen Meyer
Greg & Amy Meyer
Becky & Matt Mitchell
Chuck Mitchell & Sally Weidemann
Kate Morand
Stephanie Motz & Michael Fisher
Barbie Murawski
Kevin & Beth Murphy
Laura Myntti & Michael Croak
Sarah Nelson
Jeffrey Newquist
Jessica Niekrasz
David & Jill Odegard*
Corey & Ashley Olson
Ron & Kate Parton
Jessica Patchett
Mary Ploeser
Susan Policello
Susan Polzin
Nancy Poole
Marko Poznanovich & Kari Brock
Emily & Jason Preisler
Beth Prochaska
Andrew Quade
Jean Rawson
Heather Reekie
Carin Reynen
Samuel & Ashley Robertson
Mary & John Rowe
Robert & Heidi Rozmiarek
Michael Rupiper & Kaitlin McDonough
Chad & Kelly Ruppel
Jim & Janet Ruwaldt
Gary & Lois Sater
Stacy Schultz
Linda Scott
Courtney Searles
Cole Seckel
Yoav Shapira
Craig & Barbara Shelton
Elizabeth Shortreed
Leslie Shown
Billy & Sarah Shroyer
Dennis & Traci Snedden
Jimmy Soat & Kimberly Lechmaier-Soat
Adam & Carissa Sodersten
Brian & Kim Spanos
Chad Speight*
Kevin Speth
Susan Springman
Mark Steinbuck
Don & Mardi Stroud
Kurt & Nikki Studt
Robert & Meghan Teigen
Hathaway Terry-Pogue & Michael Pogue*
Linda Thompson & Allen May
Laura Thomson
Susan Thomson*
Ann & Russ Tieman
Adam Tierney
J. James Tye & Gabriel Neves*
Jason Valerius
Eric & Lauren Vieth
Michael Vilbrandt
Ben Walker
Kenneth Walz
Leslie Watkins
Avicia West
Teresa West-Lentz & Kevin Lentz
Donald Wichert
William Thomas Jewelers*
Charles & Crystal Wills
Hannah Wilson
Robert & Jennifer Winding
Jerald & Pamela Wirth
Karen & Franklin Wood
Cindy Zanesco
Marykay & Thomas Zimbrick
Scott Zimmermann & Liz Zelandais