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The 63Club recognizes donors who support our lakes through a recurring monthly donation. Become a champion for our lakes today!


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Join the 63Club!

Join the fight for healthy lakes by becoming a 63Club monthly donor

The 63Club recognizes individuals that sustain Clean Lakes Alliance through a recurring monthly donation. As a 63Club member, your donation directly benefits work to clean up our lakes.

As a thanks for your support, you will receive:

  • Ticket pre-sale and hosted lounge access at Frozen Assets
  • Printed recognition in the State of the Lakes Annual Report
  • Plus, all Friend of Clean Lakes benefits, including free admission to Yahara Lakes 101
You’ll also receive invitations to events, updates on work to improve water quality, and the assurance that Clean Lakes Alliance is working on your behalf on a daily basis with city, county, and state officials to put the Yahara lakes at the top of to-do lists. In addition to 63Club benefits, donors who make a gift at the $1,000 or more level ($83.63 a month) are recognized each year through Clean Lakes Alliance’s Yahara Society.

Why is it called the 63Club?

1963 was the year that the Mad-City Ski Team was founded, which founded the Clean Lakes Festival in turn years later. It is due to the Mad-City Ski Team’s initiative and love for the lakes that Clean Lakes Alliance exists. Lands’ End — a company whose heritage is rooted in water — was also founded in 1963 and now serves as a Sustaining Founder to Clean Lakes Alliance. Donors who make a gift at the $1,000 or more level are recognized each year through Clean Lakes Alliance’s Yahara Society.

Current 63Club monthly donors

Last Updated: October 1st, 2018

Anne Pryor & Steve Ackerman
Jennifer Alderman
Chuck & Peggy Angevine
Paul & Kristine Ashe
Todd & Dana Asmuth
Craig & Abby Bartlett
Chuck Beckwith & Chuck Bauer *
Bryan Bazan
Jennifer Boelter
Jason & Vesa Bollig
Jeff & Freya Bowen
Bob & Michele Boyle
Luke & Ashley Bruckner
Cory & Jessica Buye
Elizabeth Carley
David Casey
Elise Clancy Ruoho
Chris & Jane Clark
Kevin & Sheila Conroy *
Paul & Andrea Dearlove
Dan & Erin Delaney
Hathaway Dilba *
Michael Doers *
Brian & Beth Donley
Dennis Durow & Trisha Doyle
Sarah Dunn
Patrick & Lloyd Eagan *
Nathan & Constance Fagre
Eric & Denise Faust
Emily Peterson & Michael Fitzpatrick
Peter & Karen Foy
William Thomas Jewelers / Bill Fuhrmann *
Desi & Peter Gargano
Jordon & Stacy Geiger
Aris & Marta Gialamas *
Jessica Giesen
Kevin & Marilee Gorman *
Mike & Sherry Gotzler
Shane & Nichelle Griffith
Andrew & Nicole Gundlach
Chelsea Hassler
Scott Hawley


Matthew & Jessica Helmers
Sarah & Nathan Herbst
Tim Hewett
Eric & Sharon Hovde
Daniel & Patricia Hutter
Mourad Ismail
Colleen & Mark Johnson
Keelie Jones
Robb & Jennifer Kahl
Kris & Colleen Keller
Steven & Melissa Kincaid
Tom & Lois Klingele
Laura Klocke
Michael & Karen Knetter
Mark & Cynthia Knipfer
John & Amy Kothe
Daniel & Jennifer Kuehn *
Andy & Nicole Kurth
Matt & Rachel Lee
Tyler Leeper
Gregory Levesque
Daniel Holvick & Stephanie Mader
Anita Mahamed
Chas Martin *
David Mazur
Al & Karen Meyer
Bob & Pam Miller
Matt & Becky Mitchell
Brian Wagner & Lora Moody
Jeff & Anne Moore
Tim Rikkers
Michael & Judith Rothschild
Mary & John Rowe
Heidi & Robert Rozmiarek
James Sendecke
Craig Shelton
Elizabeth Shortreed
John Porco & Sarah Slack
Scott & Kathleen Smith
Claude & Elaine Smith
Adam & Carissa Sodersten
Bob & Lisa Sorge

Brian & Kim Spanos
Chad Speight
Susan Springman
Luke Stauffacher
Jeff Staver
Heath & Kim Straka
Don & Mardi Stroud
Kurt & Nikki Studt
John & Susan Thomson *
Russ & Ann Tieman
Brett & Susan Topham
Gabriel Neves & J James Tye III *
Eric & Lauren Vieth
Michael Vilbrandt
Andrew & Megan Walker
Leslie Watkins
Jason & Stacy Weber
Shaina & Nathan Welch
James West
Tina Whalen
Heather Wheiland
Dan White
Robert & Jennifer Winding
Melissa Winger
Barbie Murawski
Kevin & Beth Murphy
Kari Myrland
Joshua Natzke
Tyler & Tina Noel *
Michael & Erica Nowicki
Ron Ohlsen
Mitch Olson
Brent Pahnke
Ron & Kate Parton
Jeffrey Perrigo
Eric Petersen
Angela & Scott Piering
Abigail Wuest & Brian Potts *
Beth Prochaska
Heather Reekie

Thank you for joining the 63Club! 

*** Upon approval, you will be automatically billed for the amount indicated and your total charges will appear on your monthly credit card statement. Automatic payments will be made on the 8th of each month. For your convenience you will not be required to renew your commitment each year. You may cancel this automatic billing authorization at any time by contacting us.

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$19.63/mo ($235.56 annually), $41.63/mo ($499.56 annually), $83.63/mo ($1,003.56 annually)


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