FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 3, 2011 CONTACT: James Tye, Director of Development, Clean Lakes Alliance Cell: (608) 628-6655;

Clean Lakes Alliance to Create Road Map for Reducing Phosphorous in Lakes

MADISON, Wis. — The Clean Lakes Alliance announced today that it is considering bids for the development of a plan to reduce phosphorous in Dane County lakes by 50 percent or more. Many studies have shown that phosphorous plays the largest role in feeding the growth of algae in our lakes, which in turn causes a significant decline in the water quality, said Don Heilman, president of the Alliance. Developing a road map to reduce the amount of phosphorous coming into the lakes is crucial if we want to see cleaner lakes in Dane County. Heilman noted that the Alliance is uniquely situated to advance policies that will help clean up the lakes. The group was founded in 2009 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lakes, streams and wetlands of the Yahara Watershed. It has quickly grown to become the first such organization to unite local, county and state government, community, business and philanthropic leaders, agricultural interests and scientists in the common goal of cleaning up Dane County lakes.
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Watch the Sunday, May 22 episode of For the Record, produced by WISC-TV Channel 3 in Madison, WI, where Neil Heinen and Brennan Nardi talk to Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Spectrum Brands CEO Dave Lumley about the Clean Lakes Alliance, a group dedicated to protecting and improving Madison’s greatest natural resources.

Science Forum yields Big Ideas

The first Yahara Lakes Science Forum, sponsored by Thermo Fisher was very successful… and enlightening. Many of the participants were among the initial authors of the Yahara CLEAN report and have significant knowledge about our watershed. Add to that a new mix of private sector minds and it made for great atmosphere for everyone. Thanks to the following people for their participation:
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First Community Board Meeting

The first Clean Lakes Alliance Community Board meeting took place on January 18 in the boardroom at Spectrum Brands, thanks to Dave Lumley, CEO. The time was spent getting the group up to speed on our developments to date. A clear direction came from the board – to focus on funding a “project manager” position that will create a master plan for implementation of the 70 recommendations of the Yahara CLEAN report – compiled by government agencies over the past several years. We have entitled this first phase “The Yahara Watershed Initiative.” Next meeting date is March 15. Spectrum Brands has really stepped up as an organization in this effort with strong financial support, employee engagement … and they are bringing the Spectrum company picnic to the Clean Lakes Festival! Click here to see who is on the Community Board
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