Letter in support of RES-059 (Nutrient Concentration System)

Nutrient Concentration System

Dear Friends of Clean Lakes,

Clean Lakes Alliance is very proud of the progress our community has made towards enacting the Yahara CLEAN Strategic Action Plan for Reducing Phosphorus. Dane County has been a leader in supporting clean water since the start. Just this past year, a $12-million, county-funded initiative to remove phosphorus-laced sediment from 33 miles of Yahara streams over five years helped further our common goal of healthy lakes.

On April 6th, 2017, the Dane County Board of Supervisors will have the chance to help our lakes again by supporting 2016 RES-059, which will fund an important Nutrient Concentration System that removes phosphorus from cow manure. The Nutrient Concentration System process has many potential benefits:

  • It allows for on-farm management of manure by improving how and when nutrients are applied on fields, thereby reducing the possibility of runoff into our lakes.
  • It improves the possibility for manure to be in a form that will allow export from the watershed.

Managing manure and nutrients is one of the 14 important actions outlined in the Yahara CLEAN plan. We support the Nutrient Concentration System in 2016 RES-059 and we are asking the county board to vote YES in support of this important project along with us.

Together, we can achieve our vision of healthy lakes and a healthy community.

In Partnership,

James Tye
Executive Director
Clean Lakes Alliance

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