Lake Explorer Camp in the “School Spotlight”

The second annual Lake Explorer Camp wouldn’t have been possible without generous funding from American Family Insurance, American Girl‘s Fund for Children and the Wingra Boats Duck Dash.

The program gets kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County out on the water learning about lake science and recreation. Thanks to our funders, hours for the initial camp days were DOUBLED compared to last year and more kids were able to participate in the celebratory field day.

Pamela Cotant, reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal, covered the event as part of the “School Spotlight” series.


Eight-year-old Sanaai Broach saw some humor last week when her canoe began to rock as she was boating on Lake Wingra, making her fear she would tip over.

“It was funny a little bit,” said Sanaai, who will be in third grade at Randall Elementary School this fall.

Khaliya Sanders, 8, who will be a third-grader at Van Hise Elementary School, said she was scared when that happened but wouldn’t hesitate getting back in a boat.

Those are the kinds of reactions sought by Katie Hayden, an instructor in the Lake Explorers program run by Wingra Boats. The girls were participating in the program, which features fishing, boating and lake science.

Hayden said she likes seeing the transformation of children who may start out reluctant to participate in certain ways, such as getting into a boat or baiting a hook.

“It’s fun to watch them come to see themselves as scientists and watch them come to see themselves as boaters,” she said. “They’ve been fascinated with the fish dissection.”

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