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Toxic blue-green algae bloom stretches across Lake Mendota & Yahara River. Marketing Director for the Clean Lakes Alliance, Adam Sodersten comments.

Clean Lakes Alliance is working for our lakes

Over the past twelve months, the Clean Lakes Alliance Economic Impact and Policy Committee met monthly and consulted with partners and experts to craft and adopt advocacy priorities. These goals will advance Plan 2020: A Clear Path Forward, our four-year strategic plan.

Clean Lakes Alliance also had staff and committee members serve on the Dane County Healthy Farms Healthy Lakes Task Force. Aimed at achieving cleaner lakes while maintaining a vibrant agricultural community, the final task force recommendations align with many of our top advocacy priorities. Clean Lakes Alliance’s Community Board passed a resolution to support eight recommendations.

The recommendations focus on the following goals:

  • Updating our roadmap for cleaning up the lakes, the Yahara CLEAN Strategic Action Plan for Phosphorus Reduction. This will address evolving challenges like climate change.
  • Supporting and expanding the effectiveness of partners who are actively working to improve water quality.
  • Finding and addressing high-risk areas contributing disproportionately to water quality problems.
  • Expanding funding for water quality practices and preserving farmland.
  • Updating Dane County agricultural ordinances to facilitate improved management and enforcement of manure handling.

To implement these action goals for the lakes, we need YOU to help us advocate for their adoption and implementation. Sign up for our emails and action alerts or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive important lake news. If the task force is successful, we will have laid the foundation for cleaner, healthier lakes.

Read an overview of the recommendations here.

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