Educating Kids About Healthy Water

World Water Day-2 Facebook Header 2021

Educating kids is a top priority for Clean Lakes Alliance

World Water Day kicks of campaign to raise money, expand youth educational tools

All water is connected. In Greater Madison, drinking water pulled from groundwater aquifers is linked to surface waters. Whether it’s the lakes or drinking water, what happens on the land determines the quality of our water. Educating kids with this “one water” message is why Clean Lakes Alliance is launching educational tools to promote healthy water now and into the future.

“Kids today are so in tune to the choices they make and the world around them. We want to make sure they know how the water cycle works, and what they can do to keep it safe. By launching our first batch of educational materials, we’re hoping children around Madison will work with their families to makes our lakes a top priority.”

James Tye, Clean Lakes Alliance Executive Director
The Water Cycle - Billie the Bluegill helps with educating kids about the lakes
Billie the Bluegill (identified by the pronouns they/them) will help teach kids about lake-related topics

Educating kids with Billie the Bluegill

The first series of educational materials includes various topics. The materials include math, science, reading, and writing lessons. Lessons focus on teaching students in third, fourth, and fifth grades. Developed by Clean Lakes Alliance, the materials include illustrations and videos with the fictional character Billie the Bluegill. Identifying by the pronouns they/them, Billie will help guide parents, students, and teachers through lake-related lessons.

Each grade level has a different focus – third grade: the water cycle; fourth grade: leaves and lakes; and fifth grade: agriculture and the lakes. Parents can download worksheets, answer keys, and a book corresponding to each lesson. University of Wisconsin athletes read the books to the student audience. Clean Lakes Alliance is still developing these modules. The lessons will continue to evolve in the coming months.

World Water Day-2 Facebook Header 2021

World Water Day Campaign

To celebrate World Water Day (Monday, March 22), Clean Lakes Alliance is excited to launch a GoFundMe campaign. The fundraising campaign will support the further development and expansion of youth education. All donations will be matched up to $10,000, thanks to an anonymous donation. The GoFundMe campaign will run through Earth Day on April 22, 2021.

Now in its 28th year, World Water Day aims to highlight what water means to people. World Water Day calls attention to protecting water as a vital resource around the world.

Using this day to highlight the importance of local water, and how we can further educate kids, will help keep lake health on everyone’s minds.”

James Tye, Clean Lakes Alliance Executive Director
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