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Dane County Board adopts lake-friendly ordinance

Flooding and historically large cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms last summer are symptoms of a changing climate and a harder, less resilient landscape. To address these challenges, Clean Lakes Alliance has expanded our advocacy efforts. Advocacy at both the municipal and county levels will help address flooding and slow down runoff.

The Dane County Board is showing leadership in addressing these issues by creating the Healthy Farms Healthy Lakes Task Force. The resulting task force recommendations balance:

  • The need to support our lakes through updates to agricultural performance standards and improvements to manure management, AND
  • The need to maintain a vibrant farm community through increased cost share funds, support to farmer-led groups, and preservation of agricultural land.

Clean Lakes Alliance agrees with this approach and passed a resolution on July 24th, 2018. This resolution supports task force recommendations and asks that Dane County develop firm deadlines for their implementation.

Introducing Chapter 49

On February 18th, a vital element of the Healthy Farms Healthy Lakes Task Force recommendations took a giant leap toward becoming a reality. A joint session of the Dane County Lakes & Watershed Commission and Environment, Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee passed a critical proposal. The proposal recommends Amending Chapter 14 and Creating Chapter 49 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances, Agricultural Performance Standards and Manure Management (2018 OA-028 – SUB 2).

This important policy measure aims to enhance oversight of manure storage and spreading to better safeguard water quality. The Clean Lakes Alliance Community Board endorsed the proposal. Our organization also supported it through multiple contacts to the Dane County Board of Supervisors.

Thank you to all who registered their support, and a big thank you to supervisors who voted in support!

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How you can help

The measure goes to the full Dane County Board of Supervisors for formal adoption on Thursday, March 7th. We will be there, and plan to share details with all of you as this key date approaches. If you wish to make your voice heard, you may attend the meeting. Otherwise, contact your County Board Supervisor to support the proposed ordinance changes.

Attend the Dane County Board Meeting

Thursday, March 7th, 7 p.m. at the City-County Building, 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Room 201

Contact your County Board Supervisor

Click here to email ALL County Board Supervisors.
Click here to find your County Board Supervisor.

Sample Email Language:

Dear ________,

We need bold, transformative action for our lakes. I support the approach of the Healthy Farms Healthy Lakes Task Force. It balances the need for protecting our lakes and maintaining a vibrant farm community. The proposed creation of Chapter 49: Agricultural Performance Standards and Manure Management is consistent with the objectives of the task force. It will help lay the foundation for cleaner, healthier lakes. Please support the passage of the proposed ordinance.

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