Bubble Barriers project on the rise

Bubble barriers project

This summer, the Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy are testing the feasibility of a carp barrier in Pheasant Creek – thanks in part to support from a Clean Lakes Grant. We highlighted the grant award for the bubble barriers concept earlier in the summer and we’re very excited to share their progress!

Carp Barrier Project Milestones

June 2018

  • Middleton Times Tribune publishes a press release in June 23 edition.
  • Montgomery & Associates carries out fish and habitat survey of Pheasant Branch Creek.

July 2018

  • Friends of Pheasant Branch Creek submits first invoice for fish and habitat survey work.
  • Friends of Pheasant Branch Creek Watershed Committee members carry out sediment survey near the mouth of Pheasant Branch Creek on July 27. They record stream width, depth to soft sediment, depth to hard sediment, distance from an initial point and relevant physical characteristics at three sections.
  • Committee member Herb Garn prepares spreadsheet of survey data and map of the sections surveyed.
  • Montgomery & Associates compiles literature on bubble barrier effectiveness for carp (much of which is from Minnesota.) This will be combined with site-specific details and compared with performance described in the literature to help evaluate potential for Pheasant Branch.

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