A watershed moment for our lakes

2022 Community Coffee and Annual Meeting

On May 18th, 2022, more than 300 leaders throughout the Greater Madison-Dane County region met at The Edgewater on the shores of Lake Mendota. The meeting celebrated what promises to be a new era of collaboration to benefit our local waters. With a collective call to “Renew the Blue,” a 19-member coalition of organizations introduced what some might describe as a stakeholder declaration to a sold-out audience.

Pictured left to right: Max Tsaparis, WKOW-27; Secretary Randy Romanski, Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection; Secretary Preston D. Cole, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, City of Madison; James Tye, Clean Lakes Alliance

Community rallies to Renew the Blue

Renew the Blue: A Community Guide for Cleaner Lakes & Beaches in the Yahara Watershed is the culmination of two and a half years of planning and community engagement. Led by a cross-sector “compact” of diverse groups, the initiative seeks to drive further progress toward cleaner, healthier lakes. Renew the Blue points to specific actions that, if collectively implemented, will unleash the untapped potential of our lakes in ways that have so far proved elusive.

Renew the Blue Cover page
Renew the Blue: A Community Guide for Cleaner Lakes & Beaches in the Yahara Watershed
(Click the image to download a pdf of the entire plan)
2022Compact Executive Summary - May18 Event
Renew the Blue Executive Summary
(Click the image to download a pdf of a summary of the plan)

By spotlighting a more participatory path forward, all of us are called upon to be a part of the solution. We can do this by adopting a new water ethic. Clean Lakes Alliance invites you to join us and the 19 partners and collaborators who signed the Renew the Blue plan. The entire community can take small actions as we work to improve our local waterways. While our individual actions may seem small on their own, we know they are cumulatively powerful in shaping the world as we’d like to see it. Check out these 10 At-Home Actions YOU can do to help the lakes. 

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Renew the Blue is a community-wide effort. See how we all will play a role in making the lakes the center of the community.


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Learn more about the plan to improve our local waterways.

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