A big win for our lakes!

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Unanimous vote for policy changes to manure management oversight

We are pleased to announce that the Dane County Board voted unanimously on March 7, 2019 for Amending Chapter 14 and Creating Chapter 49 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances, Agricultural Performance Standards and Manure Management.”

This action follows many months of Clean Lakes Alliance participation on the Healthy Farms Healthy Lakes Task Force, followed by strong grassroots advocacy that helped get this key recommendation enacted. Your voices were heard, and we thank YOU for reaching out to your County Board representatives to make sure they recognized this as a community priority.

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What will Chapter 49 accomplish?

  • Incorporates Wisconsin’s agricultural performance standards to minimize polluted farm runoff
  • Creates a “certificate of use” requirement to ensure manure storages are properly and safely operated
  • Helps ensure that nutrient management plans are followed
  • Expands winter spreading oversight to all manure types applied during frozen, snow-covered conditions when the risk of runoff is highest

Please join us in thanking our Dane County Board Supervisors for their leadership on this important issue.

Learn more about the significance of these policy changes, and read a summary of all eight Task Force recommendations and their objectives.

Read more about Clean Lakes Alliance’s advocacy goals.

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