5 ways for 5 lakes


Clean Lakes Alliance (CLA) continues to work on your behalf to achieve healthy lakes, healthy communities in the Yahara watershed. Here’s a snapshot of how we help and how you can join in.

5 ways we help the lakes

1. Report Progress

We are continually tracking and reporting on the community’s progress towards healthy lakes. Read the science section of the 2014 State of the Lakes Report, released yesterday at our annual breakfast.

2. Educate

We offer hands-on educational experiences based on the latest lake and conservation science, and support research and monitoring to help guide efforts to clean up the lakes. Learn how we engaged the community in 2014.

3. Take Action

CLA continues to mobilize the community and support our partners in completing urban and rural actions that divert phosphorus from our lakes. Thanks to support from people like you, we’re making progress. Learn about work done in 2014.

4. Build Alliances

CLA fosters a community of lake leaders and a network of mutually-beneficial partnerships. We work efficiently, and offer assistance where our strengths can be most useful. Meet our Community Board.

5. Secure Funding

CLA garners public support for critical funding at the local, county and state level, writes for grants, and raises funds directly through the Friends of Clean Lakes. Find your name on our 2014 donor lists.

5 ways you can join in

1. Become a 2015 Friend of Clean Lakes

Make a one-time donation to support clean lakes in 2015:

2. Volunteer to clean up a beach

Join CLA and Madison Parks at Bernie’s Beach tomorrow!

3. Become a Lake Forecasting Steward

Monitoring is one way CLA tracks and reports progress. $135 covers lake monitoring costs for one volunteer in 2015. Support the program as a Steward today:

4. Become a Lake Buddy

Care about education? Expand lake literacy and access as a Lake Buddy. $50 supports the participation of one student in our 2015 Lake Explorers Camp:

5. Conserve an Acre

Fund conservation practices on local farms through Yahara Pride Farms cost-share. Donate $50 per acre of cover crops or buffer strips to be installed in 2015.

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