2015 Update from the City of Middleton

A message from Kurt Sonnentag, the Middleton Mayor, for the 2015 State of the Lakes Annual Report: 

Kurt Sonnentag, Mayor of Middleton

Kurt Sonnentag, Mayor of Middleton

Middleton is proud to affiliate with Clean Lakes Alliance because clean water is critical to our area for recreational and environmental reasons. Over the past 16 years, the City of Middleton has made a major financial commitment of about $10 million to cleanse the water that passes through Middleton from agricultural areas as well as from our own stormwater runoff. I’m pleased to say that those commitments have paid off with a 45% decrease in sedimentation and 48% decrease in phosphorus, despite increases in precipitation. As the Good Neighbor City, we are dedicated to being Good Neighbors to our lakes. 

Urban Actions taken by the City of Middleton in 2015:

Kromrey Middle School project

Kromrey Middle School project

In 2015, the City of Middleton worked on several projects to improve the quality of water flowing into Pheasant Branch and Lake Mendota. These include dredging to remove built-up sediment in the Orchid Heights detention basins and a new developer-funded stormwater basin at Bishops Bay.

Middleton also completed a project to relocate 480 feet of stream channel away from a steep eroded slope and stabilize banks near Kromrey Middle School. The newly-created meanders and floodplain will improve the ability of the channel to handle stormwater flow into Pheasant Branch.

Visit the City of Middleton homepage. 

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